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Nov 04 2012 anharrington

ACM Mid-Central Programming Competition Results

Congratulations to Loyola’s ACM Programming teams, who competed in the 2012 Mid-Central Regional Programming Competition on Saturday November 3, at the University of Chicago.  The team of Kevin Greene, Aaron Kirkman, and Zachary Herr came in 19th out of the 151 teams competing across a five-state region, solving 5 problems out of 8.  Also solving 5 problems, and coming in 26th was the team of Mirella Da Silva, Griffin Moe, and Yuri Schlesner.  Only twelve teams in the 151 team region solved more problems than these teams did!   Also congratulations to the team of Brian Gathright, Marta Kondratowicz, and Joseph Reiter, solving two problems.  With two members still in Comp 271 this team was not in a position to solve the most advanced problems, but now we have more members with experience for next year in this challenging competition!

Many thanks to the teams for their long hours of practice.  It paid off for this year, and hopefully will lead Loyola into an even better position for next year and the year after that!

The coach, Dr. Harrington, would love to have as many teams compete for Loyola next year.  He is always looking for interested students.  Please contact him before practices start up again at the beginning of Fall Semester 2012.  Whether or not you end up in the winners group, the programming team is a great way to hone your programming and algorithmic skills.  See http://anh.cs.luc.edu/314-315/prog-team.html.

The complete 2012 standings, (possibly still unofficial for the top placeholders), are at

The problems are available in the Judge’s view:

The competitors only see the problem statements in the left column, not the judge’s secret data or solutions. 


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